Amino Acids Benefits

Amino Acids Benefits


*Stimulates thymus gland & increases fighter T cell production

*Regulates normal pituitary gland function

*Regulates release of growth hormone

*Increases sperm count & enhances sexual performance

*Improves immune response and wound healing

*Promotes physical & mental alertness

*Helps metabolize stored fat

*Tones muscle tissues

Amino Acids Benefits


*Improves endurance

*Regulates blood sugar

*Boosts Brain function

*Prevents Muscle damage

*Enhances weight loss

*Improves fat burning

Amino Acids Benefits


*Strengthens heart function

*Boosts energy level & mental focus

*Lowers anxiety

*Protects the brain

*Reduces Triglycerides

*Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

*Improves athletic performance

Amino Acids Benefits

Amino Blend

*Increases energy

*Maximizes cardiac and muscle health

*Improves memory and brain function

*Decreases Body Fat 

*Increases lean muscle mass

*Increases power & strength for athletes

*Improves sexual function

Amino Acids Benefits


*Improves Gastrointestinal health

*Heals ulcers & leaky gut

*Essential neurotransmitter for the brain

*Improves concentration, memory & focus

*Promotes muscle growth

*Improves endurance

*Boosts metabolism

*Detox for the body

*Improves blood glucose 

Amino Acids Benefits


*Prevents/Reduces cold sores

*Improves Concentration

*Aids absorption of calcium

*Prevention & Treatment of osteoporosis

*Assists with improving fertility

Amino Acids Benefits


*Improves sleep 

*Aids in collagen production

*reduces anxiety and panic 

*Reduces feelings of over-arousal

Amino Acids Benefits


*Improves natural sleep

*Reduces pain and sensitivity 

*Alleviates migraines

*Reduces anxiety and tension

Amino Acids Benefits


*Aids in cellular regeneration

*Promotes tissue repair

*Aids in collagen building

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