Back to School Tips for Kids With Allergies and Asthma

Oct 01, 2022
Back to School Tips for Kids With Allergies and Asthma
It’s time to get back into the classroom. If your kids have asthma or allergies, these three tips can help them (and you) enjoy the new school year more comfortably.

Getting everyone ready to head back to school usually requires a lot from every family. As the kids get ready to make new friends and learn new things, the parents undergo some major schedule adjustments to make everything work. Ultimately, while the back-to-school season can be exciting, it also presents some challenges.

That’s especially true if you have a child with allergies or asthma. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out the right at-school care plan for your child on your own. As specialists in pediatrics and allergies/asthma, Jessica Gutierrez, FNP-BC, and our primary care team are here to help. At Rise and Thrive Healthcare in Joliet, Illinois, we work with you to help get your kids back to the classroom. 

To start, we have a few tips that can help your family manage their allergy or asthma symptoms during the upcoming school year. 

Talk to their teacher and the school staff

Your child’s teacher should be aware of their allergies or asthma, as should the school staff. While setting meetings to make sure they have this information might seem like an unwelcome to-do in an already busy time of year, this is critical. If your child’s teacher doesn’t know they have asthma, for example, they won’t know to ask them where their inhaler is if they have trouble breathing.

Your goal should be to communicate two things. First, your child’s condition: what it is and its severity. A minor pollen allergy makes sense to pass along so the teacher can know to minimize certain exposures. A serious food allergy warrants a much bigger conversation so that all of the school’s staff can be on the same page to protect your child.

This brings us to the second thing you should communicate: your child’s treatment plan. If they have an allergy or asthma attack, the teacher and school staff should know what to do.  

Help your child be ready

While getting school staff up to speed goes a long way, you should work to prepare your child, too. Even kindergarten-aged kids should know where to find their medication and how to use it. 

As you’re setting up their school supplies, create a special place in their backpack where they can carry their allergy medication or inhaler. Teach them that if they need it, they should bring it to their teacher, who can help them take the right amount. 

Take preventive steps

No one wants their kids to get sick at school. As the parent of a child with a respiratory condition, though, you should be extra diligent about steps that can keep them healthy. Make sure they’re getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy foods, and washing their hands regularly. 

You don’t have to develop your child’s allergy or asthma school plan on your own. For support in finding the right care for your child and their upcoming school year, call our office or book your appointment online today.