HGH and Peptide Therapy 
-An Overview

Peptide therapy is individualized to your personal goals to help maintain a healthy body weight and improve the effects of aging.  

Peptides are short-chain amino acids that are naturally found in the body and known as the building blocks of protein.  These are essentially designed to adjust the functions in the body.

Peptides are signaling agents that bind to direct other cells in their functions.  By adding peptides to an adequate level, they promote homeostasis, restoration and conversion of energy for utilization. 

While there are thousands of peptides in our body, there are a few that are key to promoting healthy weight management. 

Benefits of peptides include:

-Increased lean muscle growth

-Reduction of body fat

-Quicker recovery time from exercise & tired muscles

-Increased energy and stamine

-Accelerate wound healing

-Increase production of natural HGH

-Improved and stronger libido

-Strengthen Immune system

Increase muscle mass and endurance

Symptoms of HGH Deficiency?

-symptoms of anxiety and depression

-Decreased sexual function or interest

-Fatigued and low energy

-Foggy memory and difficulty concentrating

-Increased central abdominal fat

-Elevation in triglyceride levels

-Decrease in muscle mass and strength

Sermorelin Therapy

 Sermorelin is a Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (GHRF) 1-29 NH2-acetate stimulating the production of natural Human Growth Hormone in your own body.  As we age, HGH levels in the body decrease causing a slowing to the metabolism, energy to decrease and subsequent weight gain. 

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, Semorelin helps to build healthy muscle mass while increasing fat burn even when at rest. 

Semorelin helps to restore the sleep cycle for a better quality of sleep within days of beginning treatment. Adequate sleeping is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. 

Standard dosage is 200-300mcg of Sermorelin acetate once daily.  Dosage varies by age, BMI, severity of deficiency and personal healthcare goals. 


Ipamorelin Therapy 

Ipamorelin signals the pituitary gland to increase the release of HGH to help regenerate cells, improve cognitive function and assist with anti-aging.  Ipamorelin helps to burn stored fat, improve sleeping cycles and boost lean body mass. 

Ipamorelin is commonly combined with Semorelin for optimal results that last! 

Ipamorelin has the best results if taken at bedtime, after 2 hours of fasting. 

Treatment with Ipamorelin lasts typically for 6 months with a minimum of 3 months. 


HGH Therapy (Human Growth Hormone)

HGH is a peptide secreted by the pituitary gland that acts by binding to the HGH receptor, and initiates the production of insulin-like growth factor I.  Thus increasing the growth hormone released for the body to utilize for its health benefits. 

Sometime in our 30's there is a gradual decline in the secretion of the growth hormone and continues to decrease by approximately 15% per decade.  This causes aging effects, increased weight gain, decrease in lean muscle mass, declined cognitive function, decreased energy and libido among others.

Normal HGH levels in Adults:

Men   0.4-10 ng/mL

Women  1-14 ng/mL

When To Expect Results?

*Results vary per person depending on their nutrition and exercise regimen.  Some may notice results in the after the first month while most don't notice results until 4-6 months.

Month to Month Progress Expectations:


Better Sleep

-Increased Energy

-Deeper, better quality sleep

-Improved Stamina

-Improved mood

-Weight loss & Decrease in Body Fat


Be Strong

-Increase in muscle tone

-Improved skin texture with wrinkle reduction

-Reduction in abdominal fat

-Improved metabolism

-Stronger hair and nails


Mental Clarity

-Noticeable feelings of ambition

-Increased sex drive and performance

-Improved mental focus

-Improve joint health

-Increased flexibility


Weight Loss

-Continued reduction in weight

-Reduced abdominal fat

-Increase in lean muscle


Hair and Nails

-Noticeably healthier nails and fuller hair

-Smoother skin texture with reduction in wrinkles

-Continued reduction in abdominal fat


Body Composition

-5-10% reduction in body fat (without exercise/diet regimen, increased % with appropriate diet and exercise)

-10% lean muscle increase

-Improved physique

-Improved vitality with organ rejuvenation