Vitamin Therapy is offered with a variety of vitamin injections!

Benefits of IM vitamin shots include:

100% absorption! The vitamins bypass the liver and gut for full absorption!

Improved energy and concentration

Healthier growth!

Strong bones!

Healthier skin, hair, teeth and nails!

Tropical Fruits

Vitamin B1

*Improves digestion

*Assists with motion sickness

*Improves mental attitude

*Promotes growth

*Improves appetite

*Enhances memory

*Improves nervous system and cardiac function

Bowl of fresh fruit

Vitamin B2

*Promotes healthy skin and hair

*Improves growth and reproduction

*Improves vision and eye health

*Alleviates pain of migraines

*Improves metabolism functions



Vitamin B3

*Decreases triglycerides and cholesterol

*Increases metabolism of fats

*Promotes healthy digestive system

*Alleviates digestive disturbances

*Improves circulation

*Decreases blood pressure

*Healthier skin

*Migraine prevention

Fresh Berries Milkshake

Vitamin B5

*Improves wound healing

*Builds essential antibodies

*Prevents fatigue

*Lowers cholesterol

*Heart healthy

*Increases production of Red Blood Cells for proper cell oxygenation

Freshly Picked Food

Vitamin B6

*Strengthens immune system

*Prevents kidney stone formation

*Prevents nervous system & skin disorders

*Alleviates nausea

Reduces muscle spasms & cramps

Healthy Diet

Vitamin B Complex

*Contains 5 B-vitamins

*Accelerates weight loss 

*Increases energy

*Improves cognitive function

*Prevents hair loss

*Breaks down fat & carbs for energy

*Improves skin and hair health

*Red Blood Cell production & growth


Vitamin C


*Improves immune system

*Promotes wound healing

*Lowers blood pressure



*Helps to convert food to energy

*Improves health of hair, skin and nails

* Thickens and strengthens hair

*Prevents wrinkles and smooths skin

Tropical Fruits

1,000 mcg per shot

Vitamin B12

*Boosts energy

*Better sleep

*Suppresses Appetite

*Better Focus, concentration, memory and balance

* Prevents anemia with increase in Red Blood Cell production

*Relieves irritability & reduces depression

Ankle and Ligaments

100,000 iu per shot 

Vitamin D

*Protects against bone loss

*Stabilizes mood changes

*Improves immune system function



Vitamin A

*Boosts immune function

*Increases strength and recovery

*Improves skin, hair, nails, & oral health

*Promotes growth & bone strength 

*Helps treatment of emphysema & hyperthyroidism 

Crate of Fresh Fruit

Vitamin E

*Fights fatigue

*Youthful skin by slowing down cellular aging

*Improves endurance

*Improves healing

*Reduces leg cramps

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